July 27, 2016
The Verizon Yahoo Tragedy

I have been quite happy with a yahoo email account for a number of years.

I'm sorry to say that with the acquisition of yahoo by verizon I'll be leaving that account to whomever happens to acquire it later.

Verizon wants a more competitive edge in mobile media ... likely due to the millennials who seem to do everything online with a smartphone.

Yahoo Verizon

Regardless, verizon is the last place I'll ever want to be because they're a bunch of rude pretentious anuses.

They ruined alltel. They'll ruin yahoo.

Marissa Mayer will leave with her obscene severance package and I'll will be left to find other avenues of email — but such is life.

Won't be any monetizing of my traffic for verizon if I can help it.

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July 26, 2016
A Lot of Highway Fatalities Lately

Here in South Carolina we seem to have a lot of deaths due to vehicle accidents lately. Over the past weekend we had ten and I notice a distinct lack of driving skills on the road anymore.

Likely this is due to no drivers education in the schools like I had when I was a kid. This has resulted in a lot of people trying to make abrupt last minute right exits from the far left hand lanes on the interstates during rush hour.

I-126 at Malfunction Junction

I am talking about 70 miles an hour traversing six lanes to the exit without regard for anyone else on the road.

Of course, there is no public safety in view at the time and indeed, there likely won't be a highway patrol unless you're driving without a seatbelt because this is about all I've seen they're good for anymore.

Way to go.

Then there are the distracted drivers. The ones going 20 in a 50 mph zone in the LEFT lane to boot. Texting is supposed to be illegal but it's happening all over my commute home these days.

I'll bet if they weren't wearing their seatbelts more of them would be caught.

Be all of this as it may I would like to see things monitored a little better.

When I go out of my way to be safe it is disconcerting to see these idiots who are allowed driving privileges when they should be relegated to public transportation or walking due to that menace to society they are behind the wheel.

This is our legislature in action. Leadership, what leadership?

All I'm asking for is reasonble laws not some meaningless seat belt thing which is the result of a pair of bitter parents who lost a kid crying to Senator John Land who should have retired way before he did.

I attempt not to be insensitive to their loss, but now we all have to suffer as they shove the memory of their dead child up our collective asses at the hands of our elected officials who are supposed to represent US too.

When you can't effort the removal of the reckless drivers all over the place, going after seat belt violations is rather contradictory from a law enforcement effectiveness perspective.

Priorities, what priorities?


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July 25, 2016
Engineering Love
riveted heart

I read an interesting tidbit about a woman who was so disgruntled with conventional dating that she utilized an algorithm of her own design in conjunction with dating sites to "engineer" 150 some odd dates in four months.

Here is where my age really tells on me. I found the concept of such dating so irrelevant to my personal sphere of existence that all I could do is a sheldon cooperesque scoff of haughty derision and attempt to give it an objective pass through my thought collections.

In that sum total of relationships and who we are, the notion of dense pack dating has about as much attraction for me as two of the same poles of a magnet and though I do indeed think relationships are a worthy pursuit ... seeing how many I have efforted over the years — can I really be one to question another's decidedly empirical approach in all my scientific awareness ?

Those past times spent with various significant others has left me wanting mostly to do those things which do not involve others because of the innumerable ulterior motives I have encountered along the way.

Had just one encounter been with a true kindred spirit or someone who really wanted to know who I am ... or even had a clue when it comes to awareness of those outside the two feet surrounding their bodies it would all have been different.

As it stands, I'm happy to remain single and pursuant of those things I find important to me. However, perhaps the crux of the problem is that I'm just as selfish as all of those whom I engaged.

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July 24, 2016
It was a hot and stormy night ...

I spent the morning working on Mom's yard so it was in some semblence of tidiness prior to her trip to see my sister in the country.

It's a trip I'll likely not make again because I simply can't stand to see my sister's further deterioration at the hands of her own lifestyle diseases in conjunction with this "cadillac" insurance my brother in law always brags about yet my sister's guts are hanging to her knees because she can't get the abdominal repair needed for her diastasis recti due to his crappy "teamsters union" insurance he thinks is SO great.

female diastasis recti

Add to this her idiot penchant for smoking while on insulin and voila ... I don't expect to have her around much longer.

So in that tragedy which is the fact that you can't save a person from themself I simply must submit to the inevitable eventuality evolving much more quickly than it would in the presence of good health habits and competent health care of which she has neither. Add to this crappy health insurance and what chance does any person really have?

Excuse me while I decline to watch you kill yourself anymore, please. Having no one in your corner with good judgement or willingness to act limits your options to the point that I really don't think you have much of a chance remaining.

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July 23, 2016
Redmond says Windows 10 deploy disappointing
Windows 10 billion device installs

Microsoft is lamenting the less than stellar reception of Windows 10.

In all that irrational exuberance fueled by the optimistic release of this version of Windows it seems they lag far behind their billion device installation goal significantly.

Perhaps it's the rejection of that nazi approach to updates.

Perhaps it's the assumption that a peer to peer node between customers for providing updates to others was okay with the user.

Maybe it's that persisting image of Microsoft as this toe stomping legend in it's own mind.

I know that I'm okay with Windows 10.

I remain, however, less than satisfied with the forced updates, the lack of keyboard access methods like F8 to get safe mode, the need to turn off many features just to get Windows 10 not to intrude into every aspect of my life, and MOSTLY I hate this entitled attitude of the company in general.

No wonder the contempt continues to build. And by the way, the Edge browser bombs WAY too much.

Windows is rapidly becoming the CKEDITOR of operating systems: unnecessary; but forced upon us. Someday the folks at Microsoft will realize they're not the primadonnas they see themselves as being.

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July 22, 2016
Adventures in Tomcat Logging

So I've been messing with the logging constructs of Tomcat. Had to be able to capture every little tidbit required for forensics and legal purposes in case there's a problem.

I'm surprised at the number of netizens out there who don't realize that much of what they do on the web is recorded for posterity ... maybe not down to the name and address but certainly down to the IP address which can be cross referenced via the route if a subpoena is required.

Having migrated my primary datastore off the cluster has streamlined that part of it down to mainly firewalling little piss ant dweebs out to break and enter ...

but I digress yet again.

Tomcat Logo

The logging mechanics of Tomcat differ somewhat from Apache so I had to ramp up but I like the container arrangement and I wrote myself a little cheat sheet then voila ! I'm logging all aspects I deem appropriate to the task and it took every bit of around fifteen minutes or so.

However, the hardening wasn't nearly so involved. Fewer variables.

That was after a week or so of reading documentation and screwing up the syntax a couple of times bringing everything to a screeching halt.

Word to the wise: make sure you have an adquate backup of your control files prior to embarking on extended configuration procedures. They certainly saved me with this project.

Anyway, enough of adventures in Tomcat logging and I hope you're day goes as swimmingly as mine !

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July 21, 2016
Ted Cruz Didn't Keep His Word

Ted Cruz decided to play the "sore loser" card at the Republican National Convention last night.

After saying he would endorse his party's nominee — that person chosen by the Republican voters to be President of the United States ... he didn't.

Look ... when you play in the big game you need to expect no pulled punches and I have much more respect for a man who means what he says than one who doesn't.

Ted Cruz breaks his word at the Republican National Convention

So if your family is so fragile that you are rendered a moot point in politics you might want to stay out of the kitchen because you simply can't take the heat.

Ted Cruz got my vote once. I'll never make that mistake again. Getting booed off the stage of your party's national convention speaks volumes for the politician you aren't.

We need an outsider for a change. We need a Trump to get us out of this mess in which those career politicians and mealy mouthed liars who can't keep their word placed us.

Boo !

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