September 25, 2016
Looking at Cell Phones
boost goddamn thieving ass mobile
Today mom and I are going to look a cell phones. She needs to escape the crooks at Boost Mobile who would just as soon rob her repeatedly as look at her.

When all you can do is provide support persons from third world countries lacking morals and hygiene for whom English is a second language not understood you pretty much cannot expect anything in the way of ethical treatment.

This sums up Boost Mobile quite nicely.

So now we're going to find a different phone with support centers in the United States and quit allowing Boost Mobile to victimize her.

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September 24, 2016
New IP Camera Server
D-Link DCS 934L  
So I've finally received my new IP camera server and will get busy placing it online today.

It does a lot that the old one doesn't and the implementation is much newer as well.

I'm looking forward to the programmable motion detection and the stupendous number of cameras I can now have in various places on my network ...

not to mention the updated drivers which are a functional inclusion.

It supports 64 sources whereas the old one only supported 5.

I've been wanting the ability to place more surveillance around the house just so when people come they see the presence and think twice about casing the joint to rob me.

I'm going to take the old one to Mama's and set up her little camera surveillance configuration on wireless and get her a ddns IP so she can monitor her place from her phone.

This has been a while in the making and it's all very exciting to finally be coming to fruition.

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September 23, 2016
Pythons Overtake Florida Keys
It was bound to happen. Those reptilian denizens of Okeechobee and the Everglades have now traveled southward and are inundating the Florida Keys adversely impacting the native animals and diminishing an already compromised habitat.

The Miami Herald reports that the first breeding Burmese pythons have been encountered in the Florida Keys.

The southern keys are already reporting iguana infestations of epic proportions. Maybe they'll end up with fewer chickens in Key West running all over the place.

Normal Burmese Python

Current discussions include the fact that total removal of all the Burmese pythons will likely result in more swimming in to continue habitation.

Lion Fish in the Atlantic, iguanas in the keys, pythons in the keys and points north ... the desirability of visiting grows less and less for me personally.

Not a reptile fan. Not a potential dinner for some 20 foot snake. I'll remain where it gets too cold for their survival thank you very much.

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September 22, 2016
Autumnal Equinox
The first day of Fall is upon us ... not that the temperatures will really be showing it.

The Autumnal equinox occurs the moment our Sun crosses the equator – that imaginary line dividing the earth into two hemispheres – from north to south.

The opposite happens in March and is known as the "vernal" or spring equinox.

The significance of all of this to me is the approaching cooler weather (hopefully) and the advent of the holiday season ... which commences for me on October 31 and Halloween.

It's significance is personal and has been cultivated within me since childhood.


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September 22, 2016
Coldfusion Adventures at an End
Coldfusion 64 bit Enterprise Server
So the issues associated with CF 2016 at work involve changes made back in the CF version 9 to 10 era ...

and we skipped from version 9 to the 2016 release bypassing all that interceding learning curve as well.

It was all very simple but hard to find and grossly undocumented the entire while.

Today we pretty much put together the event oriented component required to make the new stuff work and although we're not a hundred percent there on the error trapping and fine points we know enough to make the stuff work again with minimal huhbub.

The humor of it all is how nothing at all worked then making a simple change turned the situation into one where there appeared never to be a problem.

The more you think you know the more you find out there are holes in your understanding.

The new install has broken a number of legacy apps which will require attention but the error logs are making those problem children known to us quite nicely.

Suffice it to say that I have a nice book with details on the way, God is in His Heaven, and all is again right with the world.

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September 21, 2016
Adventures in Coldfusion
Coldfusion 64 bit Enterprise Server
We're having issues at work surrounding the new 64 bit Coldfusion Enterprise Server whereby stuff which used to work very well on earlier versions dosen't work at all now.

These changes involve essential methods and those we're seeing appear to be outside a set of foundation class changes and bleed into the realm of WTF error looking mess.

I wouldn't put this past the operating system nor the middleware if you want to know the truth regarding culpability.

Perhaps an update will take care of it. We may need to blow it away and reinstall from scratch.

Tomorrow I shall take down the server and give it the once over.

Love the challenge, hate the bother.

Oh well, the task falls to me. Duty calls ...

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September 20, 2016
The audacity of 'an insult to my legacy'
Obama needs to GO
The news has the great whining lame duck saying how a Trump presidency would be an insult to his legacy.

Anything that insults the Obama legacy is certainly alright with me.

The single worst thing to happen in the history of our Republic turned Oligarchy is the Obama administration with it's innumerable handouts, tax and spend penchants, never ending vacations on Airforce One, and this notion of executive privilege being some legal rule by decree construct designed to let a president circumvent the law.

The "nasty, hateful charlatan" is Barack Obama, not Donald Trump.

Yeah, Trump can be a braggart but he hasn't damaged the country as the Obama administration with it's overstepping of the constitution and the law in a never ending pursuit of corrupting the fabric of our nation with his taint of illegality draped in totalitarian control by this person who was placed into office by the stupidity and ignorance of the electorate.

The innumerable breaches of statutes and never ending breaking of the law has been telling on the Obama administration continuously and a Clinton administration would be just as fraught with such shenanigans only she would have to be paid under the table as well.

Barack Obama has tried to over run the nation with illegals at every turn. He has aided and abetted our enemies with billions in tax dollars.

Enough of Barack Obama, his constantly vacationing family, and their freeloading on the US taxpayer.

Enough of his coddling and giving our tax dollars to our enemies and kowtowing to the muslim leaders in all his lack of presidential comportment.

Enough of this biggest mistake in the history of the United States of America.

Enough of taking Airforce One on incessant trips to campaign for Hillary Clinton, his acolyte.

Enough of the insult he has brought on our nation.

Obama begone !

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