September 30, 2016
Spammers Who Feel Slighted
common domestic spammer
I have had a few incidents of spammers sending me follow up emails at work telling me how I haven't shown them the courtesy of returning their emails to me.

One young man really got a bit testy in his admonition that appeared to be saying "it's the least you can do".

Having discussed this with my immediate supervisor he assured me that he gets similar communications from various "cold call" sales types and that I am under no obligation to return any email to any unsolicited commercial representative contacting me.

It would seem that while I should never be rude; I don't owe a spammer contacting me at work a single courtesy and will remain mum in all subsequent episodes as well.

I'm not totally rude, just mostly.

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September 29, 2016
Zen and the art of the QWERTY Keyboard
The threads show evidence for the evolution of computing away from the standard QWERTY layout keyboard.

Microsoft is spouting that alternate input technologies such as those involving facial tracking, voice, and/or or gestures would ultimately take over — and that the "suboptimal" design of the QWERTY layout is a holdover from the 19th century and the notion of it's continued use was "bizarre".
Logitech Backlit QWERTY Keyboard

The scuttlebutt went on to say how the computer use would likely assume a "full body experience" like the movies.

While I'm always for a fresh approach, I also view the keyboard ... be it QWERTY, Divorak, chord, or whatever will likely exist into the future until that time the conversation between people and machines becomes adequately relevant.

Full body input will likely have it's place in tactical applications and machine operations but the voice will likely be that ultimate evolution of which is spoken.

Me ... being a relic from the first days of minis, micros, and personal computing I will likely take my present 80 words per minute right on down the line until that moment I give up all computers forever.

I just don't see the keyboard technologies becoming eliminated in my lifetime — but the future is highly relevant to your age and how much time you have left in the mix ...

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September 28, 2016
Forays into Black Magic on the Rise

Hmmmmm. Satanism. Black magic. The occult. Members of the catholic priesthood are claiming that the internet has inspired an interest in these as we pursue the 'dark side' of earthly existence.

Must be some new form of escape. Might be some attempt to go beyond these surly bonds where the few have the most and the most have the least.

I recall dabbling in "magick" a single time way back when and the sheer terror it invoked in my otherwise humble and safe home. I recall the setup. I recall the candles. I recall the icons and incantations I recited for the very purpose AND ...

I remember the consequences of that fateful foray into things with consequences for which I was unprepared naieve.

scene from the exorcist

All I can say is there are things better left alone and my experiment into contact with the so-called "other side" remains high on that list for me personally.

Something about the sudden flicker of the candles in a closed room and the distinct and adjacent rustling noises really did a number on me.

So in the vein of stupid moves, of which I myself am guilty I can certainly profess that dabbling in these so-called "black arts" are indicative of the worst kind of trouble in a person's life.

I cannot agree with the church's declaration of an emergency need for exorcists however because Christ gave us power over all demons on this earth and that power certainly was effective in my particular case.

Suffice it to say that my first foray in to magick was also my last.

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September 27, 2016
Technocryptid Photography
I absolutely love it. All these various photographs from the mars rovers and various others depicting what are alleged to be alien space crafts, skeletal parts, and various cryptids — many having astounding resonance with those images we have in our minds regarding these things.

Were I some closed minded individual I would certainly proclaim "balderdash" and scoff at these ...

but something in the nature of altered NASA photography and the other alleged secrets we are allowing our government to keep on our taxpayer dime causes me to remain the eternal skeptic.

Black Knight Satellite

Far be it from me to deny the existence of extraterrestrial presence upon the Earth when so much of what those in control do is absolutely counter to our collective well being and forward motion as a technologically industrialized world.

Those who would keep is in the dark for purposes of their profiting would do well to come to that stark realization that we are not all the blind sheep leading the blind that they might believe us to be.

Far above the racist banality of protests and accusations and trite faddish slogans there is that section of humanity which seeks advancement and pursuit of that greatness which eludes us in this universal quagmire of petty nonsense in which we are presently within.

That downward spiral which began with the burger flipper generation of the 80s have given rise to the pseudo intellectual millenials with their touchy feely lack of relevance and inability to communicate effectively or even get the gd pronunciation correct.

There by the grace of God go I for had I been the same as all too many of my peers I would have remained stuck in the 60s like so many of my peers.

Just so happens I have attained forward motion by sheer desire as well as association with those who were technically conversant ... and the occasionally interspersed incidence of luck I might add.

The illumanati core of that multinational oligarchy telling the government what they may and may not do just to support the wretched end of enriching their personal coffers has many of us just where they want us. Fat, dumb, happy, and in denial.

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September 26, 2016
Bitcoin Thoughts
I was pondering my recent decision to abandon my intent to operate a full node on my network. This was the result of disturbing news on the chinese front whereby massive farms for the purpose of mining coin have been placed online.

I decided that the entire notion of bitcoin as a viable mainstream currency was flawed with that fallacy being the inevitable abuse in the underlying methodology.

The wallets remain too insecure. The notion of volatility is overwhelming. Couple this with the abrupt and massive failures of companies involved solely in the bitcoin realm becoming insolvent and the largest group of cyber criminals devoting massive farms toward the end of bitcoin wealth ...

The underlying consequences in the absence of the distinct lack of morality within the bitcoin culture lends credence to abandoning those full node operational parameters as well.

Even in the best case scenario operations can be taxing and my bandwidth and farm are pretty busy as they exist in the absence of a full node machine in their midst.

Seeing how I'd just as soon not become involved with such a shady bunch of people wanting anonymous transactions for bypassing those checks and balances required by the financial sector.

So much for my thoughts of operating a full node bitcoin server. Despite my initial optimism toward the project — bitcoin will not be a part of my future after all.

chinese bitcoin farm

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September 25, 2016
Looking at Cell Phones
boost goddamn thieving ass mobile
Today mom and I are going to look a cell phones. She needs to escape the crooks at Boost Mobile who would just as soon rob her repeatedly as look at her.

When all you can do is provide support persons from third world countries lacking morals and hygiene for whom English is a second language not understood you pretty much cannot expect anything in the way of ethical treatment.

This sums up Boost Mobile quite nicely.

So now we're going to find a different phone with support centers in the United States and quit allowing Boost Mobile to victimize her.

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September 24, 2016
New IP Camera Server
D-Link DCS 934L  
So I've finally received my new IP camera server and will get busy placing it online today.

It does a lot that the old one doesn't and the implementation is much newer as well.

I'm looking forward to the programmable motion detection and the stupendous number of cameras I can now have in various places on my network ...

not to mention the updated drivers which are a functional inclusion.

It supports 64 sources whereas the old one only supported 5.

I've been wanting the ability to place more surveillance around the house just so when people come they see the presence and think twice about casing the joint to rob me.

I'm going to take the old one to Mama's and set up her little camera surveillance configuration on wireless and get her a ddns IP so she can monitor her place from her phone.

This has been a while in the making and it's all very exciting to finally be coming to fruition.

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